All you need to know

A two-day seminar

June 2-3, 2018

Silverlake (Los Angeles), CA

Your instructors: Alex Lightman and Izzy Nelken

Who's it for?

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in Crypto currencies
  • You want to learn about the BlockChain technology
  • Want to understand all the new terms
  • You are looking for learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum or other currencies
  • You are a thinking of investing or trading in these coins or tokens
  • You are service provider (e.g. programmer, lawyer,regulator, accountant) in this space
  • You want to find out if your funds are secure


What you will learn:

  • The revolutionary technology of the blockchain
  • How to make money in a blockchain business
  • What makes the crypto's secure
  • Digital signature system as used in crypto 
  • Ways to"open an account" to trade
  • When to buy and when to sell
  • The different futures exchanges
  • What is mining
  • How owning Bitcoins means others think you own them
  • The difference between a coin and a token
  • The "wallet" solutions
  • What is a "fork"
  • And much more...

This course in very practical

Examples will be given for every concept. Workshops and Excel spreadsheets will illustrate all concepts.

Useful tools and actual trading examples will be shown. 


Your Instructors

Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman  is a well-known policy analyst in the fields of international relations, high technology, job creation, social media, and telecommunications. He has provided testimony and presentations to the U.S. Congress, the Departments of State and Defense, and the Intelligence Community. His popular work on 4G wireless broadband, Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and the Infinite Internet, has become a reference work and college textbook. His articles have appeared in The Chief Executive, Internet World, The Futurist, Red Herring,, Field Force Automation, and H+ Magazine, and he has appeared many hundreds of times on radio and TV shows, including his Brave New Unwired World technology fashion shows, seen by millions in 25 countries.  

Lightman has advised dozens of governments on technology, especially policy related to the future of the Internet, and provided transition plans for the New Internet (IPv6, Internet Protocol version 6) to the U.S. DoD and NATO. He was instrumental in the U.S. government mandate to standardize the New Internet for all federal departments. Lightman is an MIT graduate and attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. He has extensive experience in IT, expert systems, foreign policy, and U.S. Congressional initiatives, the oil and gas industry, and international financial relations.  

Izzy Nelken

Dr. Izzy Nelken is the President and Founder of Super Computer Consulting, Inc. (SuperCC). His firm specializes in the research, application, implementation, and exposition of complex derivatives, structured products, risk management, and hedge funds. Since its founding in 1997, Izzy's firm has had many consulting clients globally, including several regulatory bodies, major broker-dealers, large and medium-sized banks, as well as hedge funds. Izzy has extensive experience with complex financial instruments, and is adept at explaining their intricacies to wide ranging audiences. Over the years, he has taught 1000's of delegates in all areas of financial products. He has authored/edited eight books in the area and, for 18 years, was an instructor at the University of Chicago M.Sc. program in Financial Mathematics.  Izzy is a member of the Product Development Committee at Cboe the first options exchanges bringing Bitcoin futures to market.  

Day 1 - Investing in Cryptos

Why learn about the blockchain

  • What is blockchain technology and how it is revolutionizing many areas
  • Private data bases and trusted counterparties vs. the new technology
  • Satoshi Nakamoto - the mystery person
  • The solution to the double spending problem
  • The amazing trajectory of Bitcoin and other digital currencies
  • What's next


  • Examining a few of the 4500 crypto currencies
  • Coin vs. Toke
  • ICO's
  • How to open an account
  • What are the available avenues
  • How to trade


  • What is actually stored
  • Storage of coins: pros and cons of solutions
  • On a computer
  • On an iPhone/Android device
  • On a USB
  • Wallets – encrypted USB’s
  • On a third-party website
  • Paper wallet or bank card

Analysis of crypto currencies as an investment

  • Return, volatility and Sharpe-ratio
  • Correlation between currencies and other financial instruments
  • Should I add cryptos to my portfolio? 


  • When to buy and when to sell
  • Active trading vs. buy and hold (“Hodl”)
  • Useful tools and trading signals
  • How to look at the markets
  • Allegations of insider trading in the crypto markets 


  • Putting on a live trade

Futures and Options

  • Futures exchanges (e.g. CBOE CME) 
  • CBOE futures implementation 
  • CME futures implementation 
  • Nasdaq bitcoin futures 
  • Options exchanges (e.g. Ledger-X)
  • How the settlement differs between the exchanges 


  • Soft fork vs. hard forks
  • Is a "fork" free money?
  • How to ensure you get your money and not an exchange


  • How to look at ICO's
  • The risk and rewards in the ICO market
  • Detailed analysis of several ICO's

Projects that Alex finds interesting

18 visionary blockchain project areas that Alex finds interesting

Day 2 - Math, the blockchain and its applications

How to make money in a blockchain business

  • Blockchain technology to improve existing businesses and processes
  • Creating new, disruptive blockchain businesses

Crypto 101

  • The concept of a ledger 
  • Private ledger vs. a public ledger
  • Adding records to a public ledger 
  • Hash functions 
  • Private key, public key - the RSA algorithm 
  • Digital signature 
  • The procedure for digitally signing documents 


  • Hash function demo
  • Encrypt and decipher messages
  • Sign documents and validate signatures

The “double spending” problem and mining

  • What is the double spending problem?
  • How the Bitcoin protocol addresses this issue
  • Blocks
  • Chaining blocks
  • The blockchain
  • Mining economics
  • Proof of work and nonce 
  • The longest blockchain
  • Why the number of confirmations is important


  • View blocks on the block chain
  • Understand a transaction
  • Transaction fees and mining rewards
  • Finding a nonce workshop

Advanced Topics

  • What are Elliptic curves?
  • ECC as used in crypto-currencies
  • What are Merkle trees
  • How are they used


  • Elliptic curves demo
  • Multiplication on the elliptic curve
  • Encrypt and decipher messages
  • Sign documents and validate signatures
  • Merkle tree demo


The future of the blockchain

  • The future of the blockchain by Alex

Registration Details


Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA


Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3, 2018 


  8:30 AM Registration

  9:00 AM Session 

 10:30 AM Coffee & Networking Break

 11:00 AM Session

 12:30 PM Lunch (Vegan lunch is included)

   1:30 PM Session

   3:00 PM Coffee & Networking Break

  3:30 PM Session

  6:00 PM End of Day


Delegates will get electronic copies of all materials 

Highly personal seminar

The number of delegates is strictly limited so everyone can get personal attention. To ensure your spot and avoid disappointments, please register early.


Seminar Fee $999

Early Bird Special (until May 24, 2018) $749

Including: two full days, all materials and documentation. 

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Bitcoin, CryptoCurrency and BlockChain Seminar